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Dash Digital Studio’s creative photographers will impress and produce for you by pushing the limit by using creative staging, the best lighting, up to date professional equipment, and the best talent Atlanta has to offer for all types of photography needs. Items such as Sony, Fuji Film, Nikon, AP-C sensor, Full Frame, and Medium Format lenses briefly describe our arsenal of photography tools. Try us to experience the difference of what defines a truly professional photography service.

Graphic Design

Digital graphic design is a form of art and requires an unlimited creative mind. Dash Digital Studio is proud to claim that our graphic designers are extremely artistic and motivated to be challenged by every project. Our designers are ready to create unique and original graphics that will represent the vision of their clients individuality perfectly.

Web Development

Dash Digital Studio’s web designers possess the most recent education, artistic out of the box thinking, and seasoned mentoring which allows our creative team to provide the best web experience possible. These days everyone has a web site, and in such a highly competitive market, Dash Digital Studio’s designers are second to none on creating the best web experience for their clients and their customers.


Simply put, branding is all of the ways you establish an image of your company in your customers' eyes. Your brand belongs to you and should reflect your visual image and how you will be remembered. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. You cannot push your brand on your customer, instead your brand should pull your customer to you.


Images enter in our minds in many ways. Today we all live in a digital world. Images are saturating our minds 24/7. Although still images have their place, a video can captivate your audience and hold it there “in time” while triggering connections to your product or service as if they were there in person. Everyone is looking for a trust worthy experience, a video can bring the customer right into your location to see and hear your actual people working on their needs. Don’t just use “stock photos”. Make it personal with professional pictures or professionally mastered videos and connect with your customer directly.

Presentation Deck Design

Also known as Power Points, the quality of your company’s deck design is crucial for attention and effectiveness when presenting your message to your audience. Dash Digital Studio’s creative team will customize your message into a delivery that keeps your audience engaged and assist the presenter with an ease and structure that speaks for itself. Our creative team uses multiple formats and design structures to customize each presentation to the clients needs.

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