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We Are Dash Digital Studio

Creative Agency

Looking for a creative agency? Dash Digital Studio is exactly that. Being creative is a gift, it cannot be taught or learned. Our team has been specifically selected based on their capacity to prove creativity and innovation. Learning how to structure, build, or inform with digital services can be taught or learned in the educational world. But the creativity is a flow. A certain “it factor” is needed, that will set our creative team above the rest.

If you are tired of the same old look. If you are tired of working with stock images or templated web sites, Dash Digital Studio is your answer. If you are ready for the next level of service, it resides at Dash Digital Studio. Come visit us today and experience the feeling for yourself. We are ready for you.

We Are Dash Digital Studio

About Us

Our Mission
Dash Digital Studio has a mission to change our professional and residential community one person at a time by providing highly professional services and extend a second to none customer care in the digital arts industry.
Our Goals
Goals mean nothing without a time limit. Dash Digital Studio has a goal, to make every single customer satisfied with the service that they experienced while working with our professional creative team.
Our Story
One man with a dream, his dream was to become a legacy by time his life ends on this earth. A dream to create a life for his 3 boys. A dream to prove everyone wrong who said he wouldn’t make it. He came from foreign lands, with a foreign language, but the heart of a Lion. Dash Digital Studio’s logo represents that man, our founder: Moncef Dachraoui. His dream is what made our story so unique. He loves everyone like family, he has an enormous hunger to educate himself and remain humble at all times. Art and creativity come naturally from him. Over the past 8 years, he has gathered his team. Each team member was hand selected by him. Now, his dream has come true. Dash Digital Studio has a home. We have a 4200 square foot studio. Loaded with all the latest and greatest tools to give Moncef and his creative team the best tools to serve you, our customer. Come in and meet us, we are waiting to meet you.
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